These genres have evolved a lot over the years and you may actually see them in the same light. But it’s only with advances in graphics technology that they’ve begun to offer unique immersive experiences. The latest iterations provide impressive levels of detail and showcase just how much is possible with games.
Sports games have expanded in variety, offering full-fledged partnerships with major sporting organizations, from race tracks to the field or court. NBA 2K and Madden NFL are two well-known examples that feature detailed recreations of professional basketball and football, while Forza is a simulation-style car racing game.
The simulation genre encompasses many sandbox titles, world-building games, and virtual reality games. The typical focus is on creating an immersive and realistic game world with epic scenarios, while smaller experiences may centre on a particular area or experience.
Minecraft and The Sims are good examples of simulation games that also fit into the sandbox niche. For more reading on the sim genre, check out our article on the 6 Best Simulation Games on PC.
Sim and sports examples
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Madden NFL
  • NBA2K