Puzzlers and party games also have a significant overlap, with both emphasizing game mechanics. You can expect to play a game based on a theme or a traditional tabletop game with particular rule sets.
Party games take that premise a little further and often include multiplayer elements. They also double down on gameplay. The Mario Party series is particularly popular, and it spawned more than 10 instalments and spin-offs.
Puzzlers, also known as puzzle games, can be as simple as Minesweeper or more deeply immersive, with fully developed environments and hybrid gameplay. The Tomb Raider series is a good example, where puzzles are built into a conventional adventure narrative and setting, making them a key game mechanic. Also, mini-maps are often presented as puzzles you solve (or uncover) throughout the course of the game.
Puzzler and party game examples
  • Jackbox Party Pack (party game)
  • The Talos Principle (puzzler)
  • Portal 2 (puzzler)